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Thinking of returning to work after a career break? Read this Know Your Value 11/16/2017
Low Unemployment Healing U.S. Job Market's Ugly Secret Bloomberg 11/15/2017
Ruth O’Brien, a lawyer in the ’50s, gets a career award (and son Conan cracks some jokes) The Boston Globe 10/16/2017
The Return Internship Fox 32 News Chicago 09/19/2017
You May Bomb Your Interview If You Don't Do These 5 Things Fairygodboss 08/26/2017
Why You Should Never Say "I'll Do Anything" To An Employer FairyGodBoss 08/01/2017
How mid-career women could reshape the advisory industry Financial Planning 05/30/2017
The 'Nam veteran, the former NYC lawyer who took a break to raise her children and the 'work mom': Meet the Baby Boomers who have taken internships to try to find a second career Daily 05/24/2017
Job Hunting: How to Spin a Mommy Gap on Your Resume Money 05/12/2017
CFP Board Center for Financial Planning, iRelaunch Announce the Financial Planner Re-entry Initiative Press Release 05/04/2017
White Paper: Reengaging Women Engineers in the Workforce Society of Women Engineers 04/28/2017
'Returnships' Help Stay-At-Home Moms Get Back to Work NBC News 04/26/2017
The Advocate for 40-year-old Interns: iRelaunch CEO Carol Fishman Cohen MM Lafleur 04/17/2017
Moms Reclaim Their Careers You're Hired! Radio 04/10/2017
Employers Are Seeking Women Returning from Career Breaks Society For Human Resource Management 04/06/2017
Ezrah’s ‘Project Relaunch’ to Focus on Reviving Careers After Time Away Jewish Link of New Jersey 03/16/2017
Antidote to Workplace Ageism: Subject Matter Expertise Next Avenue 02/22/2017
Internships aren't just for college kids anymore — companies from Goldman Sachs to General Motors are hiring interns mid-career Business Insider 02/21/2017
Thinkers50 Radar 2017 Thinkers50 01/31/2017
Applying the Internship Model to Retirees Next Avenue 01/27/2017
Carol Fishman Cohen The Shine Project 01/01/2017
Helping women return to Wall Street after starting a family Crain's New York Business 11/08/2016
"The greatest antidote to ageism is subject matter expertise." HansonMcClain 11/05/2016
Getting back to work after a career break? Here’s how to make the transition smooth Your Story 11/02/2016
2016 Influencers in Aging Next Avenue 10/26/2016
The Resume Format You Should Never Use 10/26/2016
Society of Women Engineers and iRelaunch Officially Launch the 2017 STEM Re-Entry Task Force Society of Women Engineers 10/25/2016
They took a break from work. But things have changed so much, they need help. Miami Herald 10/24/2016
Taking a Career Break? Talk to This Woman First Forbes 10/17/2016
Bringing up baby - and hanging on to career Chicago Tribune 10/05/2016


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