Strategic Volunteering

Have you considered volunteering your way back into paid work?



Gain current skills and experience & build your professional network while helping others.

Consider non-profits and professional associations that offer you career-boosting experiences. 


Making a Difference through Volunteering and Nonprofit Careers - This resource helps you understand the "importance of volunteer work, how to find volunteer opportunities, and how to transition from volunteering to a career in a nonprofit."

Non Profit & Social Enterprise

Non Profit & Social Enterprise

Recruiting resource matching people and non-profit boards in the tri-state area.

Educational and workforce development programs that provide job seekers opportunities with encouragement, empowerment, education and inspiration to advance their careers. To gain full access to PSGCNJ’s free services, members are required to join one of six business units that operate the corporation and donate their talent to advance the mission. Volunteering on projects that advance PSGCNJ allows members to regain the seven lost intangibles, while building meaningful relationships with other professionals.

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A mid-career internship is a wonderful springboard back into the workforce.

“The 40-Year-Old Intern:“ Carol Fishman Cohen’s celebrated Harvard Business Review article about mid-career internships.

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“When the non-profit board I volunteered for was hiring an Executive Director, they looked for someone committed to the organization and with a track record of working in the community with town agencies and officials -- yes, me!"

"The Bible of Career Reentry"

"The Bible of Career Reentry"

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