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Meet accomplished professionals ready to reenter the workforce – all in one place. 

“What impresses me about iRelaunch is the caliber of their candidates and the passion they have for getting back into organizations and industry."
Global Leadership Development, Thoughtworks

Two Opportunities to Consider

  • Annual Return to Work Conferences: 
         May 1, 2018 at Stanford University
         October 4, 2018 at Columbia University
  • iRelaunch FastTracks:  Your own half-day recruiting event

Annual Return to Work Conferences

The only large-scale gathering of high-caliber, primarily female professionals eager to return to work and employers interested in recruiting them. 

  • Successful model held 21 times across the U.S. and in London since 2008 - the largest and longest-running dedicated career reentry event in the US.
  • Agenda emphasizes substantive learning and meaningful networking
  • 2017:  May 15th at Stanford University; October 3rd at Columbia University, NYC
  • Sold out for the past nine years, with 600+ attendees at Columbia and 400+ attendees at Stanford

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"For me, the most value was the inclusion of HR reps from companies. They listened to me, and suggested jobs that I should apply for based on my experience. It was very motivational to have my experiences validated by someone with the power to hire me."

“You have captured the voice of thousands of smart, savvy women who are eager to make mindful decisions about how to best use their professional skills. The conference and your organization are helping to unleash this great national resource.”

Learn More about the 2017 Conferences

iRelaunch FastTracks:  Your Own Half-Day Recruiting Event

Bring us to your hiring hubs to attract high-caliber, primarily female professionals interested in learning effective return to work strategies and networking for jobs at your company.

  • Customizable agenda leveraging our effective reentry programming
  • Opportunity to showcase your employees
  • Option to partner with local university to host & promote to alumni, too

iRelaunch FastTrack Sponsors:  Capital One, CEB, Citi, Freddie Mac, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Prudential, Walgreens in cities including Chicago, LA, Irvine, Phoenix, San Diego, Montclair, NYC, and Northern VA.

“iRelaunch is changing the way corporations think and the way we job search. The conference was one of the warmest, most supportive, professional and most informative conferences about job search strategies I have ever experienced.”

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Mindy Berkower
Chief Business Development and University Relations Officer
Call us at 1-844-iRelaunch (844-473-5286) Ext. 2 or

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